Saturday, June 30, 2007

On second thought...Gore/Paul in '08

Al Gore as President. Ron Paul as Veep. Cut the Republican attack machine's legs out from under them in an attempt at true bipartisanship. This is not a new war. It's the same war that's been going on for decades. It's a matter of triage at this point. We can't let these fuckers spawn and leave us with another 8 years of a Manichean world view and an "end of days" mentality. We need statesmen who can operate on the world stage and work with sane voices in the Middle East to hunt down their own extremists and then proceed to find political solutions to a political problem.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ralph Nader in '08 -- STAY OUT!

Ralph Nader is treatening to get into the '08 Presidential race. He's already given us two terms of President Pinocchio thanks to his arrogance as the 2000 spoiler by putting the election within stealable reach, at which time he said there really wasn't much difference between the democrats and republicans. Maybe not from the rarified point of view of his raging ego but down here on Earth that difference gave us the Iraq war and the criminally bungled disaster in New Orleans. How did this happen? Somehow in this version of The Godfather, Fredo took over the family.

Meanwhile, that thug Giuliani continues to dine out on 9/11 hopping around the country crowing something about "staying on offense" as if world politics were some kind of high school football game. All this mofo did was put on a Yankee jacket and an NYPD cap and waltz down to Ground Zero for a photo op.

And Conservative Coozbag Ann Coulter figures she can keep her profile alive by insulting John Edwards. Maybe the reason she wears those short skirts is that it makes it easier to pull the Republican talking points out of her ass. I know it's sexist but if anyone ever needed to be bitch-slapped... I mean, does Republican sperm really taste that much better?

And as three presidential hopefuls raise their hands proudly asserting they don't believe in evolution it's treated like just another opinion instead of being given its proper response which is to have the floor drop out under these three idiots, log fluming their asses out on the street. Someone who doesn't believe in evolution is not fit to hold elected office. Again.

We need our soldiers out of Iraq before "No Child Left Behind" simply becomes "No Child Left." A peacekeeping force in Darfur. The National Guard in New Orleans. And that colossal idiot and his gang of thieves out of the White House without being replaced by their kinder, gentler counterparts. Isn't 8 years of Compassionate Conservativism enough?

Hillary's too polarizing. Obama's cool but will be perceived as lacking experience. Gore needs to run. With Obama as the VP. We cannot let them steal another election. So, Ralph. You can't win. You can spoil. Do the world some good-- stay the fuck out.