Saturday, June 30, 2007

On second thought...Gore/Paul in '08

Al Gore as President. Ron Paul as Veep. Cut the Republican attack machine's legs out from under them in an attempt at true bipartisanship. This is not a new war. It's the same war that's been going on for decades. It's a matter of triage at this point. We can't let these fuckers spawn and leave us with another 8 years of a Manichean world view and an "end of days" mentality. We need statesmen who can operate on the world stage and work with sane voices in the Middle East to hunt down their own extremists and then proceed to find political solutions to a political problem.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thought.......I dont think either of them would go for it though. Too bad. Gore keeps saying that he isnt interested and Paul is 71 years old, I dont think he wants to end his career as being a veep, but then again stranger things have happened???????

nmlifestyles said...


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IBG said...

As for Paul's age--Cheney's a fucking corpse and he's been running the country for 6 years. What's left? McCain's straight-talk express dropped a wheel years ago and he's just roaming the neighborhood aimlessly like when grandpa goes out for a walk. Thompson thinks he's Reagan 2 but with a hotter wife. Giuliani just wants to get his hands on some military hardware and pick his own country to blow the tits off. As for the rest of the GOP, anyone who thinks the jury's still out on evolution isn't fit to give road tests at the DMV, let alone hold national office. That's just an embarrassment. Hillary's smart but she seems to go which way the wind blows. It feels like ego, not service. She just seems to want it bad. Obama's intelligent, articulate and his heart's in the right place, unfortunately we're probably too dumb to elect him.

Gore's got the credibility. The experience. The respect. And he finally rediscovered his personality. Not too late to step in, form a real coalition government with Ron Paul and become real leaders on the world stage. Or run with Obama, bitch slap the GOP back into the 19th Century, and take the country back.