Friday, December 16, 2011

Rick Warren -- Hands off Hitchens, You Sanctimonious Boob

As the tributes for Christopher Hitchens pour in from every geographical and ideological corner, none I imagine would have provoked a lash from his acid tongue more than the words of sanctimonious JE$U$ freak, the Rev. Rick Warren, who tweeted: "My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved and prayed for him constantly and grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now." Note the capital "T" in truth.

Sorry, Reverend, but Hitchens is dead. He knows nothing now because there is no him left. No brain function. No personality. No ego. He is atoms. Molecules. Cosmic stuff. Not a happy spirit getting off the bus in God Camp, staring up at His Divine Presence while smacking his forehead like some buck-toothed goober, thinking "D'oh! Was I wrong!" Only a true intellectual coward would fire a cheap debate shot after the man is dead in a vain attempt to score a point he's unable to rebut.

And if Jesus really were the time-travelling death-defying uber human product of magic sex between some fictitious bearded sky daddy and an earth lady, my only wish would be that he would come back now just to bitch slap the living shit out of you for trivializing his message for fun and profit.

There is no God in the sky. No magical place called heaven. And if there were a hell it would be here on earth where where greed merchants have discovered that you can exploit people's ignorance, fear, and gullibility to make millions in the religion business. So if you truly have any of the decency I imagine you claim to have, please let the man die with his thoughts and integrity intact.

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