Thursday, May 5, 2011


In all the discussions about releasing these photographs, no one has brought up the element of time. Putting aside legal arguments, why must they be released now? The nouveau deathers among us will never be placated. They'll scream they were photoshopped. They'll concoct twisted theories that tattooed on part of bin Laden's skull was a replica of the president's double-secret Kenyan birth certificate. For those who will treat his murder as a call to action, the pictures might provide temporary fuel. In time, however, their power will dissipate. As to Mr. Dershowitz's pov and the forensic information pictures of OBL'S dead body would provide, no one is on trial for the killing so why is this information relevant, other than to those who crave more information? I think a more pressing argument is whether he should have been captured and put on trial. We had Nuremberg. The Eichmann trial. Saddam's trial. The world survived. Would there have been more catharsis for the victims from a trial? Who knows? A vindication of our system of justice? Maybe. Would the trial have served as a forum for bin Laden to spew and a focal point for another terrorist attack? Very possibly. As for the pictures, I think they should be released.. . eventually . But from a purely emotional point of view, I don't care if his arms were raised in surrender or if he was shot from the front or back. I'm just glad the son of a bitch is dead. And if this operation were launched from a Bush white house instead of Obama's, shitheads like Sarah Palin would be blasting their shotguns in celebration instead of pathetically searching for some part of it to criticize, 'cause they'd rather shit a bowling ball than give credit where it's due.

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