Tuesday, May 3, 2016



If you have ever yelled at the tv news or newspapers like The Post , then Gurvitz's new rant is a must read. He tackles issues: health care, freedoms, American culture, politics, religion, and even cigarette addiction. 

Gurvitz is not shy or delicate as he scolds the Dumbfuckistans for falling for Conservative rhetoric. He uses facts and figures (which are not footnoted, but are fact-checked) to colorfully prove that Civilization Is barbaric, uninformed and DUMB. If his audience buys his premise they will cheer his breadth of knowledge and irreverence . If the reader is a Dumbfuckistan, before burning this book, he/she will have an apoplectic fit. The red neck, Bible toting reader who carries his/her gun and pack of unfiltered cigarettes to the PTA meeting and demands that Creationism is just as true Evolution and that Earth Science and Biology are just tools of the Devil will want this book banned from stores or at least libraries and Walmarts.

He sees the world as divided: dumb and smart, like him. As a writer, his voice is strident and righteous. Though Gurvitz studied Buddhism and lived in Japan, his New York swagger and Hollywood schmooze are much more evident in his vibrant and profane prose than any zen politeness. If you're like me, you will have underlined some of his arguments to warm up or possibly incense a dinner party.

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