Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, so McCain's ready to lead on Day 1. 

And what if he has a fatal heart attack on Day 2? President Palin? 

So much for putting America first. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the "Palin is just a heartbeat away" crowd have bothered to read the comments from the physicians which are posted on McCains website? If so, they would stop trying to kick the guy off via heart trouble. According to the doctors, McCain's ticker is JUST FINE. In fact, he's never shown any signs of cardiovascular disease, which is rare among men over forty in America.

In fact, if we're to believe the medical community, Obama is more likely to adios due to cardiovascular disease on account of his race. Or should we say his "half race?"

Being African American puts Obama at greater risk for high blood pressure, which leads to stroke and cardiac arrest. He's also at higher risk for developing diabetes, a major contributor to cardiovascular disease.

McCain's "medical issue" was his cancer, skin melanoma, which was successfully treated without any signs of recurrance.

I suggest that there isn't really a concern about our Nation when libs say that Palin is "heartbeat away" from the presidency. No, I believe it's actually wishful thinking on their part.

And perhaps some latent sexism. The "cake" would be the death of McCain- the icing on it would be the first woman President (who happens to be Republican) going down in smoke.

-LD McLellan

IBG said...

First off, this is an election, not a cardiac stress test. Secondly, I'm sure the doctors on McCain's website aren't biased. Couldn't be. Third, it doesn't matter what he dies of. He's old. And the Presidency ages people. And by his own hand, he would leave the country in the hands of an incompetent, which demonstrates his own lack of judgment and patriotism so he can go fuck himself with that "Country First" horseshit. His actions contradict him. And finally, the criticism of Palin is not gender-based. It's intelligence-based. She's a joke. A very, very bad joke.