Friday, January 23, 2009

Jesus #12 by Clairol.

Did anyone notice that Rick Warren' hair was a bit more blond than usual? Compare the two pictures. This arrogant bastard dyed his hair for the inaugural. Didn't the Bible have a few things to say about vanity?


Michael said...

I can understand not liking the man, but attacking the fact he died his hair?

IBG said...

That's right.Warren fobs himself off as a religious leader. True religion has nothing to do with mega churches, multi-millions, and tooling around in private jets. It's about simplicity, egolessnessand humility,The fact that he dyed his shows that moment was about him, his overblown ego and how he looked on tv, as well as gaining a moment on the national stage. He is about power and money. Not to mention his stone age mentality about gay people.It is symptomatic of our ingorance about religion that this guy is seen as its advocate.

Michael said...

I can understand your other viewpoints, but there is something about wanting to look your best when you are in the spotlight. If you are up for an Academy award and you show up with bed head and pajamas... Of course I grant you that a religious person should be humble, and that's not something seen from him. I guess I just begrudge the man some hair dye, his advocacy, definitely, but I can cut him some Grecian. :>)