Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This guy’s ambition is only matched by Sarah Palin’s delusion. Between her 2012 PAC and Blago’s TV blagorrhea, they’ve got a real Bonnie and Clyde media blitz going. But their combined hubris doesn’t even touch Warren’s. First he put the candidates through his Purpose Driven litmus test, then he played the inauguration, blond hair dye and all. Now he’s got a magazine. Grab a copy from your local newsstand for total life advice from America’s most well-fed holy man.


The Purpose Driven Cook Book! What Would Jesus Eat?


7 Purpose Driven Sex Tips: It’s Not Just For Fun Anymore. Call it The Calmer Sutra!


10 Purpose Driven Investments: Jesus Saves, and Invests for Long-Term Growth!


Purpose Driven Food Products: You love whole milk! How about Holy Milk! Not only Pasteurized. It’s Pastor-ized! Builds Strong Bones and Even Stronger Souls!


Purpose Driven Fast Food: Check out our Eternally Happy Meals!


8 Purpose Driven Relationship Hints! Jesus: He’s Always Into You!


Purpose Driven Retirement Planning: Is Your 401K Rapture-Ready?


The Purpose Driven Full Body Workout Machine: Not Just a Life-cycle, but an Afterlife Cycle!

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